March 25, 2009

Intangitopia licenses content under Creative Commons

We at Intangitopia are strong believers in that you can create more by collaborating than by blocking others. That is why we have decided to license the content on this website under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.5 Sweden license.

We believe that by codifying the terms we provide our content under we can also encourage our readers to take a more active part in sharing and develop our thoughts as well as contribute with their own. Since most of the content on this website is ideas with which we encourage debate and collaborative thinking we also believe that this is to be shown in how we make the content accessible.

The license we have chosen is the Swedish version of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license. The reason why we have chosen the Swedish version is the simplest one; we are currently based in Sweden. The difference from the original license is however small and no substantial parts differ. Here is a markup copy of the original license with explanations of the differences.

Attribution and noncommercial
We have decided upon the license which requires the licensee to attribute us as individual authors and where appropriate also refer back to Intangitopia. We have also decided to use the limitation that the licensed content only can be used for non-commercial purposes. But as always, we can also waive this at any time by request from the licensee.

This license makes it possible for a licensee to use the content but also to make derivative works from it, i.e. improve our thought, models etc. The continued use, although in part, must still be attributed back to us.

Please feel free to give any feedback to this choice of licensing model or if you have any requests for use of the material in any other way tan provided by this license.

Johan Örneblad

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