March 18, 2009


Intangitopia would like to inform all readers about one of the biggest happenings in the realm of innovation management this year: CIP FORUM 2009. The international conference takes place between the 6th - 9th September and gathers the world’s greatest thought leaders in IA/IP/IC management. Seminars and workshops are offered by experienced professionals and scholars to promote new developments and best practices in the developing fields of intellectual property and intellectual capital.

Four of the Intangitopia bloggers will each actively partake and have distinct responsibility areas during
CIP FORUM 2009. These responsibility areas will be explored and covered more in-depth here at Intangitopia in the time leading up to the gathering. The responsibility areas are as follows;

Mathias Hellman (follow on: Twitter) - covering and contributing to Early Innovation
Marcus Malek (follow on: Twitter) covering and contributing to - Financial Institutions
Johan Örneblad (follow on: Twitter) - covering and contributing to Open Innovation
Tobias Thornblad (follow on: Twitter) - covering and contributing to - IAM/IPM Capabilities

We will all obviously also continue discussing the topics that we find interesting in relation to IA/IP/IC in a true Intangitopia spirit.

The previous CIP Forum FORUM was held in May 20th - May 23rd, 2007. Some of the participants in 2007 included; Ulf Petrusson (CIP), Beatrix de Russé (Thomson), Erik Noteboom (the European Commission), Kai Taubert (Procter & Gamble), Marshall Phelps (Microsoft), Ruth Keir (Pfizer), Ruud Peters (Philips), Takeshi Isayama (Nissan). among others. Read more about CIP Forum 2007: IP Review <>, Anaqua IAM Perspectives , and Valea.

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