November 20, 2008

McCartney and Guns N' Roses songs for free

More and more artists are starting to understand the power of free and that you can with much more on spreading your music than trying to stop the crowd from listening.

The latest in this is Paul McCartney and Guns N' Roses which will launch music on MySpace for exclusive previews. It is for Guns N' Roses the album Chinese Democracy which they will release in the US on November 23 and for the ex-Beatle an album from one of his side projects.

The fact that McCartney is in on this, raises the hopes that the whole catalog of Beatles music will be available digitally in a not too distant future.

But, in line with the development in general when it comes to content on internet, it is access which is important. Not to actually own the music. Keeping the use of the content on a access level will also ease up the rights issues since there will not be any rights handed over to the end licensee. Only a limited time access right which do not imply any more use.

So, we will probably see more of access. Either as free in some aspect or as a paid for service. But access is here to stay.

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