November 16, 2008

Is McDonalds McDonalds without McDonalds?

McDonalds are launching two new concept stores in Japan, featuring the Quarter Pounder, without any direct brand connection to McDonalds.

I have tried to understand if this is only a new type of viral marketin
g to create a buzz around the fast food chain or if it really is a new concept, perhaps to be launched somewhere else as well.

The choice in the stores consist of two set menus featuring either the Quarter Pounder or the Quarter Pounder with cheese.

This could as I see it be a way to strengthen their brand offering in the
"real" restaurants as well. Having a clear focus on parts of their products and clearly define the concept at the new store can add value to the more diversified core offering.

McDonalds in Sweden have long had a focus on trying to rebrand themselves in the direction of being more healthy than what typically is expected from a fast food chain. This is why I could see a development in the same direction in Sweden as i Japan, with concept stores. The difference could however be that the Swedish restaurants would focus on healthy food.

For McDonalds to open this type of "healthy restaurants" would strengthen their brand as a healthy company (which I do not say that they are) since it will focus the attention to what they want you to perceive.

So, when will we see the new McSalad restaurants in Sweden?

Johan Örneblad

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