May 8, 2009

Intangitopia Pick - The Future of Content

In relation to two recent posts by Mathias (here) and Johan (here) where they bothe highlight a new way of delivering content, stored digitally, but in a physical medium. To me the idea is great as people (including me) often have an easier time paying (or even prefer) paying for something that has a phyisical aspect. Nowadays technology makes this possible (as seen in the two examples) and the distribution chain is "skipped" in favor of on demand local production.

A Digital Library, Free to the world
Brewster Kahle speaks about this in an inspiring TED talk from 2007, sharing his vision of a unified enormous digital library, brining knowledge to developing countries and helping education. The ingenuity is that he applies pragmatic methods for scale at low cost (e.g. using the same production method as described in Johan's post) but also with a grand vision including audio and video. Best of all it is already started and actually feasible.

// Marcus Malek (follow me on Twitter)

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