December 2, 2008

Nextopia in practice on iTunes

Nextopia has proven itself through a new feature on iTunes, where you can see the top content in the store for this year. It is unfortunately not available in Sweden, so I have not been able to verify it. But anyhow, even though the movie The Dark Knight has not yet been released it has outsold all other movies this year on iTunes.

The value of the movie is more likely to be higher when it is out of reach but still at your fingertips. Following the same rational, it will probably sell less and for a lower price just after it has been released. Since we constantly are looking forward to the next big thing, the movie will not anymore be as satisfying if it is accessible for all.

That the pre-order outsells other similar products released in the more common way has been proven several times with the Radiohead album In rainbows released last year. Even though the pre-ordered albums were at a pay-what-you-like-price they outsold the band’s previous album.

In a time when we literally have everything at our fingertips, the things that are the most valuable are the things we cannot get. At least what we cannot get right away.

What we do not have can be imagined to be whatever we want. That is the life in Nextopia.

Johan Örneblad

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