October 30, 2008

First post - Introduction


What is the focus of this blog?
This is a blog addressing a flora of issues related to intellectual property (IP) and knowledge-based business, we will try to extend the concept to more then just IPRs.

The authors
This is a collaborative blog with five authors. All of us share the burning passion of learning more and understanding the emerging knowledge-based business. We believe blogging is a instrumental way to enhance our own learning experience.

Currently we are all students at School of Intellectual Capital Management provided by Center of Intellectual Property studies in Gothenburg, Sweden. This blog is created in the same way as our education, interdisciplinary! We have a diversified educational background in law, business and engineering (industrial design, biotech, software engineering).
You are very welcome to contact us in any way with input, feedback or any other in any other matter. Our contact details can be found in our profiles.


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